The woes hidden behind a smile!

“Pom! Pom!”
The fruit seller honked.
Every week, with a smile.
He sold seasonal fruits
In a few neighbourhoods
For his livelihood.

The smile
Never changed
And it brought a smile
To all who bought from him

However, they say
It was a trained smile.
A smile
That hid a lot
Of his own woes!

I once asked him,
Whether he would share
His life with me
And he refused!
But that day I saw
The tears hidden in his eyes.

But I smiled
And let him be
As he had decided to
Share his smile with all!


Written in response to the prompt on 100 Words on Saturday on WriteTribe.


Breaking News…

It has been four months since they have had a proper conversation. There has always been something more important. She wanted to find the right time and place to break the news. But days passed with little time to spare.

He knew something was there but just couldn’t figure out what. To get something out of her requires time and oodles of patience. Exactly what he was lacking presently.

It was early morning, around 6am. She got up to begin her day but felt sick. She wasn’t feeling chirpy or joyful but nauseated. She returned to bed after washing her face and slowly nudged him awake as she realised that she could no longer hide the truth. ‘Dear…’

He rubbed his eyes open as her calls sounded troubled.

‘I need to tell you something!’

‘Does it have to be now?’ almost angry.

‘Yes…’ she said and ran in to the bathroom again.

He went after her to check if everything was alright..but there she was bent over the sink. Extremely concerned and now more alert, he was rubbing her back. He helped her back to the bed and made her lie down.

‘Dear ..’ she called as he got up.

‘Yes darling. I know you want to say something. But I think you should rest right now…’

She smiled at him and said, ‘Darling, this is just morning sickness…’

‘Morning sickness? You mean …’ and his smile broadened from one ear to the other.

‘Yes..that’s what I wanted to tell you.’


This is a pure fictional piece inspired by the 100 Words on Saturday prompt on WriteTribe. I couldn’t stop at 100 words, so went a tad overboard. 🙂


Uncle and the key.

He was wandering the streets looking worse than a lost puppy. He seemed worried. The traffic cursed at him while he crossed the road oblivious to the signal.

She was waiting in a car for her husband who had gone to the store to get some things. They had planned a romantic evening after a very long time. She noticed the old man who was lost, pale and oblivious to his surroundings. She refused to blink her eyes when she saw him cross the road. Then, she got out of the driver’s seat with her mobile in hand. A quick dial to call her husband to help. She had seen these symptoms too many times.

‘Hi darling, I will be there in a minute. Just a few more …’

She interjected, ‘Dear..forget the stuff. Come out immediately. We have some work to do.’

Surprised and worried her husband left the trolley of stuff on one side and ran out. She was not in the car. Dialed her number while looking for her but before it connected found her running towards an older man. With a face of enquiry mixed with worry, he ran quickly towards them. Before he could reach, he too saw and understood the symptoms of the old man.

‘Uncle, do you know where your house is?’

‘Yes, I stay in that building, pointing to the one straight ahead.’

‘Are you sure?’

A nod and she continued, ‘Please do let us drop you. You look tired and as we both are doctors we would like to reach you safely to your house.’

Her husband saw the tears welling up in her eyes as she held the old man’s right hand trying to lead him. She quickly passed the car keys to her husband. Holding the uncle’s hand tightly like a mother who fears losing her child in the crowd. They drove to the building that he had pointed. As they reached, they kept exchanging glances through the mirror giving each other strength in ways unknown.

The security of the building recognised the uncle and saluted. Some hope returning, the couple smiled. They took the lift, as he said he stays on the fifth floor. But as they got of the lift, uncle seemed confused and lost again. He took out his and was going to use it in the keyhole of the house right in front of the lift.


‘Grandpa, not again. That’s the wrong house. This is our home.’ A girl about ten years of age, ran and held his hand and steered him to the correct house. The girl noticed the two strangers accompanying her grandfather, and to them, she jovially said, ‘You must have helped my grandfather to find the house. Thank you so much. Won’t you all come in for cup of coffee. My grandmother makes the best coffee in the world.’

‘Sure, aren’t your parents in? We would like to meet them too.’ said the husband.

Looking at her watch, she added, ‘Dad should be home any time.’

And after a pause, she added with sadness, ‘my mother left us when I was born.’

The house seemed well-kept. The situation was well understood by the two doctors. But the urgency couldn’t be forgotten. She had just lost her father to an accident owing to the disease and couldn’t let that happen again to anyone.

The little girl’s father returned just in time for the coffee. They introduced themselves. While sipping their coffee in lower tones

the husband spoke to the father about the incident. The man’s eyes were welling with tears as he looked between his parents, little girl and the doctor. After some silence, he said, ‘I shall bring him tomorrow. I lost my uncle to Alzheimer’s disease and want to make sure my dad is safe.’

The couple soon left. However, their mood was altered. The girl had taken her heart but there was no more a mood to have a special evening….


The Image is from Morguefile. This post is a response to the Wednesday Prompt 2014 #8 at Write Tribe. This is my second entry. Please do have a look at the first one at ‘‘.

A prodigy in a sweetshop


I was in crowded sweet shop when I heard , ‘dum, dum …dumadum’.

This is repeated in variations and speeds adding a beat to each customer’s choice. I kept turning around looking for the source?

As I stepped out, I noticed a toddler dressed in a multicoloured outfit playing on the steel bin adding the beats to the chaos within. He was generally having fun in his world of beats!

A prodigy unknown to the world as yet was making a mark in the world of music because of the rhythm in his heart…


This is my entry for the 100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 3 at WriteTribe.

Our Unrealized Dreams

Sofia was confused and I was irritated. My irritation solved her confusion. I knew what was the end of that day long before it came. But I didn’t realise the consequences till it was all completely sealed and her engagement was over.

The consequences included excessive drinking, moping and self-pity. Not forgetting to mention the non-stop rambling to oneself about the dreams we had and the tears that came along with them not being realized. Today, I amaze at the castles that we had built-in air! Yes we had planned everything to the utmost detail.

 We had planned on a house in a specific area soon. We had named the house. We had done the interiors. We even began living in it.

We had decided on two kids with an age gap of three to four years. Even their names were decided.

We had planned our first few vacations alone and with our kids.

We had decided how we would split the festivals with our parents.

Well you get the picture. Our plans were made to the smallest detail. The only thing we hadn’t planned was that our relationship would not work out! That never crossed our minds. They say when you are in love, you become blind. Sofia, I think we were blind to this thought or did we just choose to be unrealistically optimistic. I don’t know. But I know, I have cried over the dreams and it took a great effort to forget you …no, sorry forget us! It took loads more time than I thought it would, to move on and builder newer stronger dreams with my eyes open.

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Thank you my dear blogger friends for being the most supportive group ! I also need to thank my husband for believing in my abilities to write and loving me the way he does…oh God this sounds all so mushy but I am in that phase of my life!!

People except us!

Sofia did tell her parents when I was away on a trip but many trips later. She wrote an e-mail stating that I should see her parents and officially ask for her when I am back. Oh! That sounded so positive ! I never thought anything could go wrong!

I did meet her parents the day after I was back. I was completely jet-lagged but why delay a good event. Little did I realise it would have been better to sleep!

The meeting was terrible. I met not just her parents but her extended family – uncles, aunts, elder cousins and even some family friends. I had taken my parents but that didn’t seem to distract all the attention I received! Almost every one of them interviewed  me individually. But I was not allowed to meet her! The judgement was passed, I would be incapable of keeping their precious daughter happy!

I wished to differ on their judgement and my parent’s judgement that she would find it difficult to adjust in our family.

Two days after the meeting, when I had recovered partly from my jet-lag, we met at the cafe at the street corner. However, our faces said it all, we were no more the happy couple who wanted to gorge on pancakes but two individuals who now had a major situation to solve. The waiter did offer us our complimentary coffees but we too denied it. We both asked for two shots of Espresso! We needed the strong dose of caffeine!

With a heavy sigh I asked, “So, how have you been doing?”

Sofia smiled but her weakest smile. She couldn’t seem to say a word or look at me. So I continued rambling about my trip and taking the gifts that I bought for her out of a bag. This continued until almost suddenly, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and I knew in them our fate was sealed!

I stopped mid-sentence, extended my hand to wipe her cheek but she quickly wiped and just said, “No, I am alright!”

Now she began, “Sorry, but how do you do this?”


“Still be so nice! I am sure my family was not at all polite with you! I am sure because I know how they have tried to change my mind about you and your family over the past week.”, she said breaking down into tears.

I somehow was not moved by her tears this time, instead I asked her a little firmly, “Are you convinced by what they had to say?”

She looked up. She was shocked that I was not stopping her from crying. And after a few seconds, “Convinced? No I am confused!”

I didn’t reply but now sat back and finished the third Espresso shot I had ordered!

She seemed to be even more shocked with my reaction, and asked a little hurt, “Why are you being so cold ?”

“I don’t see the point in adding to the confusion in your head. I shouldn’t need to convince you if you love me! So, for me the question is clear and crystal, do you love me or not?”

“What do you think?”

“No, it doesn’t matter what I think!”

There was a long silence. She pushed back all the gifts that I had brought her and she said clearing the path that her tears had taken, “Ok, now  I know my answer.”

I looked at her not in shock but almost knowing that this was to come! I said, “Ok but take the gifts! I bought them with you in mind and I really cannot give it to anyone else. If you don’t want it, just trash it on your way out..”

I was cold but more because I was hurt! Everybody else had suddenly become more important to her! Everybody’s opinion now suddenly mattered more.

She did take the gifts but I have no clue what she did to them. No it was not the last time we spoke but nothing counted after that!

And so people except us became the reason of what became of our relationship!


Here is my very very late entry for the sixth day of the  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 .

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My travel and the distance between us!

For all the memories that we built , I didn’t expect some physical distance between us would create a wall…Unfortunate as it was but I had to travel a lot for work those days. The result of which was we had lesser and lesser time with each other. We hardly even spoke due to several constraints including the expensive calling rates from abroad.

I remember the argument that we had before I traveled on one of my business trips. It was one of the early trips. I was only told the Friday before that I will be going to California on Monday. I knew it was going to be hard to break it to you as I was just back the earlier Monday from Singapore. But I had to and so I decided to take you out for dinner.

We were sitting at our favourite place in the Italian Restaurant. You were sipping the red wine that we had ordered as we waited for our tiramisu. I found the courage to clear my throat. You looked up concerned and then enquiring.

“Dear, I have been asked to fly out again on Monday.” I could hardly look at you.

“Hmm…where to?” without giving away any emotion.


“Oh my God! How long?”

“Not sure, could be anything between a week to two months. I am supposed to be handling a client project over there.”, I said smiling weakly.

“Ok, but tell me where is our relationship going?”

After a long pause, I took her hands into mine and said, “Darling, we will get married but you have to understand this is my job and if I don’t keep it secure we will be in deeper trouble in the future…”

The waiter served us our Tiramisu and left the table quickly. I think he sensed the tension at the table.

“We cannot solve anything at our homes if you keep going off like this!”

“We shall. Why don’t we start tomorrow?”

“What is the point? You will be off for work in a week and I will be married elsewhere by the time you are back!”

I heaved and replied with calm, “Please calm down and try to understand my situation.”

“No, you don’t understand…my parents are looking to get me married as soon as possible . If you keep travelling like this, I will have no certainty to fight with them!”

“Why ? Do you think I would leave you for anyone else?”

Our waiter came by to fill our water and clear our plates. I think he was indicating that everyone was now listening in on our very private conversation.

I quickly asked for the bill and motioned to her that we shall continue this outside. She didn’t reply but just walked off without even looking back but clearing the tears that were rolling on her cheek.

I went after her as soon as the bill was paid, but she was nowhere to be found. Neither did she have a phone , nor was I allowed to call her home number. I just had to wait and hope that she called before I left.

The wait was in vain but I did receive an e-mail being apologetic about running away like that and for the argument that was started. I believed the words and moved on but didn’t realise the wall was being built!

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