Aurelia – Part 14

A call …that is all that was required according to Amby.

However, Aaron was not sure now. He had waited for the call for too long . He cannot help feel that his sister forced the call though he had given warnings not to do any such thing.

He hesitantly got ready, giving up every two to three minutes until the phone rang again.

“Aaron, where are you? It is almost an hour.”

“Sorry, I was caught up in some work…”, he lied.

Amber sighed and said, “I didn’t tell her anything. She said that she was missing you…”

“Are you sure?”

“I knew that you were not caught up in work. Come soon if you are coming.”, she angrily fired back and kept the phone.

And so with a heavy sigh, Aaron wore his shoes and drove to his dearest …


Aurelia – Part 13

Amber saw Aurelia’s tears that night and wiped them and silently held her best friend in her arms as she has been through the years. Amber knew that Aurelia re-lives the experience every year but sadly there was never more than a few tears as the whole experience was re-lived.

Amber admired Aurelia’s strength and independence. She always said ,”Aurelia, I do not know how you managed those days or through the years after. But remember, I am there …”

Aurelia smiled through her tears, nodded and said, “Amby, do you have a doubt? You are the only one who has been with me.”

Aurelia silently remembered the several words between Aaron and herself and for the first time in twenty years thought, “How I wish Aaron was with me!”.

She didn’t realise that she had thought aloud, until Amber choked and replied,”He does want to be with you…but thinks you do not want him. Aurelia, believe me if you can, he has not loved any girl the way he loved…or loves you.”

After a few moments of silence, “Shall I call him? He had messaged me to pass his birthday wishes to you.”

Aurelia replied with a bit of hesitation, “Yes …Amby call him…I want to see him…”