Two siblings encounter the supermoon

“Manju! Manju!”, he screamed.

Manju wondering where the fire was ran to the balcony. Her little brother was pointing excitedly to the sky.

Manju and her brother had a bedtime routine of looking at the night sky – the moon and the stars, making up their own little stories before going to bed. Probably a routine that came as an effect of having an astronomer as a father and a children’s author as a mother.

Today, the moon was huge and beautiful to look at. They knew that the moon changes in size but they have never seen it so huge! It was such a wonderful sight!

“Manju, we need to make up a nice story to mark this sight…”

“Yes but where is dad? I want to know why it is so big?”

“Oh come on Manju we can find that out later..think of a story…”

“I wonder if Amma know any story for such a big moon…Amma!”

Their mother saw and had heard their delight said, “I want to hear your story….”

“Manju, it is your turn to tell a story…”

The siblings have been taking turns to spun stories ever since the little one could form sentences.

“Hmm..yes…but it is so mesmerising I just want to stare for a bit..may I please?”

“ have five minutes, I shall go brush and change in to my pyjamas by that time..”, cooed the brother and ran away.

The sister and mother just stared silently at the exquisiteness…


…To be continued


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