Relaxed with a Sunset…

wp-1467995454590 It was a long rainy day. The amount of work that needed to be done was abundant. The rain was only making everything worse. Getting to places was difficult and the rain made everyone sleepy and lazy!!

Anyways, the work got done as we all began early. It was dusk by the time, she got out of the office. Her mind was racing with the day’s events and planning the next day.

The sun was setting. She stopped her car in front of her house.  She was trying to calm down before she got out. She knew her dear baby would be wanting her attention the minute she entered.

She suddenly looked in to the side view mirror and saw a beautiful sunset between the dark clouds. The exquisiteness of the sight made her smile and relaxed all her senses immediately. She could not help take out her phone and capture the beauty!!

The photo was taken by my nephew, Deepankhar. Check out his blog at  His photo prompted the story…


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