Glass Rocket

A lady, her mother and son lived in an old dilapidated mansion by the river. The mother and daughter do their best to meet ends and keep the mansion standing. The mansion is the only asset they have left. 

The daughter at a much younger age, had begun a collection of glass figurines. She treasured those. Most of her collection was either gifted to her by her father or her husband. Both, knowing her love had painstakingly found the most interesting figurines to add to her collection. A horse, a unicorn and a doll were all part of the well-laid shelf that was shining in the sunlight.

Today, as she was cleaning them, her 10 year old son came and said lovingly, “Mother, when I grow old and earn a lot of money, I will buy you a glass rocket!”

She smiled and said, “Thank you my dear. Hope I live to see that beautiful rocket!”


Years passed, her mother also left them. The house had to be sold for her son to complete his education. They shifted to a much smaller place. She had diligently packed and shifted her biggest treasure by herself. 

Her son grew and began earning. He soon got married. He had forgotten about his promise on the glass rocket.

It was a cold winter day, his mother had been ill for almost a month now. He went to her room and found her near the shelves taking each of the figurines and kissing them. 

He slowly tapped on her shoulder and told her that she needed rest.

The mother turned and gave a weak smile. “My dear son, you have been so loving and kind, may I ask one last wish?”

“Yes mother, of course! What do you want?”

“I yearn to see the glass rocket…”

The son ashamed that he had forgotten that promise said, “Oh sorry my dear mother. I shall get it tomorrow itself!”

Early next morning, the son and his son set off to buy the glass rocket. They searched in vain in all the shops that were open in-spite of the heavy snowfall. It was late night, by the time they reached home. They had to go to a city nearby to find it. 

When they reached, the place was crowded as the mother had passed away without seeing the glass rocket. The grandson teary eyed had kept the glass rocket in his grandmother’s cold hands before the casket was closed. He said, “Granny, hope this glass rocket takes you places!”


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6 thoughts on “Glass Rocket

  1. I bet it was beautiful! And I bet she knew, somehow, what he had done.

    I think you meant “mother” in the last paragraph, not grandmother?

    But anyway, a very sweet story. : )

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