Breaking News…

It has been four months since they have had a proper conversation. There has always been something more important. She wanted to find the right time and place to break the news. But days passed with little time to spare.

He knew something was there but just couldn’t figure out what. To get something out of her requires time and oodles of patience. Exactly what he was lacking presently.

It was early morning, around 6am. She got up to begin her day but felt sick. She wasn’t feeling chirpy or joyful but nauseated. She returned to bed after washing her face and slowly nudged him awake as she realised that she could no longer hide the truth. ‘Dear…’

He rubbed his eyes open as her calls sounded troubled.

‘I need to tell you something!’

‘Does it have to be now?’ almost angry.

‘Yes…’ she said and ran in to the bathroom again.

He went after her to check if everything was alright..but there she was bent over the sink. Extremely concerned and now more alert, he was rubbing her back. He helped her back to the bed and made her lie down.

‘Dear ..’ she called as he got up.

‘Yes darling. I know you want to say something. But I think you should rest right now…’

She smiled at him and said, ‘Darling, this is just morning sickness…’

‘Morning sickness? You mean …’ and his smile broadened from one ear to the other.

‘Yes..that’s what I wanted to tell you.’


This is a pure fictional piece inspired by the 100 Words on Saturday prompt on WriteTribe. I couldn’t stop at 100 words, so went a tad overboard. 🙂



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