Our Unrealized Dreams

Sofia was confused and I was irritated. My irritation solved her confusion. I knew what was the end of that day long before it came. But I didn’t realise the consequences till it was all completely sealed and her engagement was over.

The consequences included excessive drinking, moping and self-pity. Not forgetting to mention the non-stop rambling to oneself about the dreams we had and the tears that came along with them not being realized. Today, I amaze at the castles that we had built-in air! Yes we had planned everything to the utmost detail.

 We had planned on a house in a specific area soon. We had named the house. We had done the interiors. We even began living in it.

We had decided on two kids with an age gap of three to four years. Even their names were decided.

We had planned our first few vacations alone and with our kids.

We had decided how we would split the festivals with our parents.

Well you get the picture. Our plans were made to the smallest detail. The only thing we hadn’t planned was that our relationship would not work out! That never crossed our minds. They say when you are in love, you become blind. Sofia, I think we were blind to this thought or did we just choose to be unrealistically optimistic. I don’t know. But I know, I have cried over the dreams and it took a great effort to forget you …no, sorry forget us! It took loads more time than I thought it would, to move on and builder newer stronger dreams with my eyes open.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Here is the last day’s entry for the  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 .

Write Tribe
Thank you my dear blogger friends for being the most supportive group ! I also need to thank my husband for believing in my abilities to write and loving me the way he does…oh God this sounds all so mushy but I am in that phase of my life!!

6 thoughts on “Our Unrealized Dreams

  1. It is so true to life, we meet people, we hope to be with them forever but we don’t.
    Wonderfully expressed Aparna and hope to see u around.
    Now don’t do the disappearing act

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