People except us!

Sofia did tell her parents when I was away on a trip but many trips later. She wrote an e-mail stating that I should see her parents and officially ask for her when I am back. Oh! That sounded so positive ! I never thought anything could go wrong!

I did meet her parents the day after I was back. I was completely jet-lagged but why delay a good event. Little did I realise it would have been better to sleep!

The meeting was terrible. I met not just her parents but her extended family – uncles, aunts, elder cousins and even some family friends. I had taken my parents but that didn’t seem to distract all the attention I received! Almost every one of them interviewed  me individually. But I was not allowed to meet her! The judgement was passed, I would be incapable of keeping their precious daughter happy!

I wished to differ on their judgement and my parent’s judgement that she would find it difficult to adjust in our family.

Two days after the meeting, when I had recovered partly from my jet-lag, we met at the cafe at the street corner. However, our faces said it all, we were no more the happy couple who wanted to gorge on pancakes but two individuals who now had a major situation to solve. The waiter did offer us our complimentary coffees but we too denied it. We both asked for two shots of Espresso! We needed the strong dose of caffeine!

With a heavy sigh I asked, “So, how have you been doing?”

Sofia smiled but her weakest smile. She couldn’t seem to say a word or look at me. So I continued rambling about my trip and taking the gifts that I bought for her out of a bag. This continued until almost suddenly, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and I knew in them our fate was sealed!

I stopped mid-sentence, extended my hand to wipe her cheek but she quickly wiped and just said, “No, I am alright!”

Now she began, “Sorry, but how do you do this?”


“Still be so nice! I am sure my family was not at all polite with you! I am sure because I know how they have tried to change my mind about you and your family over the past week.”, she said breaking down into tears.

I somehow was not moved by her tears this time, instead I asked her a little firmly, “Are you convinced by what they had to say?”

She looked up. She was shocked that I was not stopping her from crying. And after a few seconds, “Convinced? No I am confused!”

I didn’t reply but now sat back and finished the third Espresso shot I had ordered!

She seemed to be even more shocked with my reaction, and asked a little hurt, “Why are you being so cold ?”

“I don’t see the point in adding to the confusion in your head. I shouldn’t need to convince you if you love me! So, for me the question is clear and crystal, do you love me or not?”

“What do you think?”

“No, it doesn’t matter what I think!”

There was a long silence. She pushed back all the gifts that I had brought her and she said clearing the path that her tears had taken, “Ok, now  I know my answer.”

I looked at her not in shock but almost knowing that this was to come! I said, “Ok but take the gifts! I bought them with you in mind and I really cannot give it to anyone else. If you don’t want it, just trash it on your way out..”

I was cold but more because I was hurt! Everybody else had suddenly become more important to her! Everybody’s opinion now suddenly mattered more.

She did take the gifts but I have no clue what she did to them. No it was not the last time we spoke but nothing counted after that!

And so people except us became the reason of what became of our relationship!


Here is my very very late entry for the sixth day of the  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 .

Write Tribe

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