My travel and the distance between us!

For all the memories that we built , I didn’t expect some physical distance between us would create a wall…Unfortunate as it was but I had to travel a lot for work those days. The result of which was we had lesser and lesser time with each other. We hardly even spoke due to several constraints including the expensive calling rates from abroad.

I remember the argument that we had before I traveled on one of my business trips. It was one of the early trips. I was only told the Friday before that I will be going to California on Monday. I knew it was going to be hard to break it to you as I was just back the earlier Monday from Singapore. But I had to and so I decided to take you out for dinner.

We were sitting at our favourite place in the Italian Restaurant. You were sipping the red wine that we had ordered as we waited for our tiramisu. I found the courage to clear my throat. You looked up concerned and then enquiring.

“Dear, I have been asked to fly out again on Monday.” I could hardly look at you.

“Hmm…where to?” without giving away any emotion.


“Oh my God! How long?”

“Not sure, could be anything between a week to two months. I am supposed to be handling a client project over there.”, I said smiling weakly.

“Ok, but tell me where is our relationship going?”

After a long pause, I took her hands into mine and said, “Darling, we will get married but you have to understand this is my job and if I don’t keep it secure we will be in deeper trouble in the future…”

The waiter served us our Tiramisu and left the table quickly. I think he sensed the tension at the table.

“We cannot solve anything at our homes if you keep going off like this!”

“We shall. Why don’t we start tomorrow?”

“What is the point? You will be off for work in a week and I will be married elsewhere by the time you are back!”

I heaved and replied with calm, “Please calm down and try to understand my situation.”

“No, you don’t understand…my parents are looking to get me married as soon as possible . If you keep travelling like this, I will have no certainty to fight with them!”

“Why ? Do you think I would leave you for anyone else?”

Our waiter came by to fill our water and clear our plates. I think he was indicating that everyone was now listening in on our very private conversation.

I quickly asked for the bill and motioned to her that we shall continue this outside. She didn’t reply but just walked off without even looking back but clearing the tears that were rolling on her cheek.

I went after her as soon as the bill was paid, but she was nowhere to be found. Neither did she have a phone , nor was I allowed to call her home number. I just had to wait and hope that she called before I left.

The wait was in vain but I did receive an e-mail being apologetic about running away like that and for the argument that was started. I believed the words and moved on but didn’t realise the wall was being built!

————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   This is the entry for the fifth day of the  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 

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