Our shared love for fiction

Books, books and books.. Yesterday, I was arranging my small library and my eyes fell on one particular book. The more I was ignoring that book, it seemed to be staring at me …Anyways, I kept it to the last knowing it was going to open the world of words that I shared with Sofia! The book was given to me by Sofia, it was the last gift that she ever gave me.

I sat down with that book with a tear at the corner of my eye. The tear was more due to the rush of memories that was associated with books and her, well more words and her! My wife entered the library and I showed her the inscription that Sofia had once lovingly written in her beautiful handwriting.

Dearest Love,

I wish nothing but the best happens to our love story but here is one that can be read over and over again! I hope you enjoy the words and the sweet nothings shared in this book like I did! Let’s not forget to create a similar magical world filled with love for ourselves.

Yours and only yours.

My wife read and then said with all the pride of being the life-partner, “She has no clue what she missed and I am glad you are not hers anymore!” She then went to the shelf to take a book to read and left me to my thoughts.

My thoughts were blazing between my past and my present. I kept thinking of my wife’s words and couldn’t help but admire the elegance and beauty with which she accepted me and my past. Then, to Sofia who gifted one of the most romantic books I have ever read and in which she wished we had built one such ! It was so ironical, I began laughing at it while I flipped the pages. While flipping, a couple of things dropped on to my lap.

The first thing I picked up was a ticket. Ticket titled ‘Music Carnival’ with a date stamp on the front. On the back of the ticket, there again was her writing. She always scribbled on every little piece of paper she found – and if it was for me , it was always words of love. I had fallen in love with her but also with her words..I waited for them like a peacock waiting for the rain.

The second thing was a paper folded several times over. I took the piece of paper and unfolded it slowly. I found it hard to believe but there it was – a list of 100 odd books. I called out to my wife and passed the paper to her. My wife strained her eyes in the dim light as the sun had begun to set.

Books we shall own and have in our library

1. Little Women, 2. Wuthering Heights, 3. Pride and Prejudice, 4. Tempest, 5. Gone with the Wind…

and so the list went on. My wife smiled and said, “Darling you have most of them and I shall order the rest online immediately!”


And this my entry for the third day of the  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 .

Write Tribe
For this blog-post, I have to thank Leo from I Rhyme Without Reason, for making sure that I was doing my part with the story; Pins from Vaayadi Pennu who I brainstormed with for ideas and Bawa from And I write for the list of books that he gave at a moment’s notice.

12 thoughts on “Our shared love for fiction

  1. I sure would love to know the rest on the list… are most of them Victorian… with a complete works collection of Shakespeare… need to knock at Bawa’s to get more out of the list ..cross check to see I own them all or to Flipkart 😛 😛

    1. Sheethal, I am sorry I don’t have a list of 100 books 😉 As Pins mentioned, try Bawa…And the book she gifted, well I leave it to you to choose from the romantic books you have read….

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