Foodies that we were

Sofia and I loved food and that took us places. We had tried and tested all the eateries that were at a 20km radius of our college. Our love was known to all, our friends – mutual and otherwise would always consult us for deciding the venue on their special dates or anniversaries. Well, even we had our favourites and they were highly recommended places.

I remember one day, we bunked classes just to enjoy food…what was special about that day? Well it was our second anniversary. In fact we started with breakfast! We lied to our parents that we had extra classes in the morning. Today I share the taste of that day…

Breakfast at a fine cafe at the corner of a market. We sat out and sipped the piping hot complimentary coffees while we waited for our order. They served the best crepes and amazing fillings and toppings. There were nuts for the crunchiness, bananas,  chocolate, strawberry, caramel and maple syrups and mixed fruit jam. And we being regular customers were also given vanilla ice-cream and cream!! Well, that was for people like us who loved it sweet! Oh, that was a sumptuous breakfast with hardly any words, just filling with the assortment and relishing the taste!!

After which, we began slowly warming up to words. We walked around the market. The flowers looked beautiful, I got her a dozen red roses and wished with my dear Sofia that we have many more of such anniversaries! Sofia,  do you remember  the words exchanged that day? They are etched in my memory and sometimes I wish they weren’t!

Lunch was decided to be a little further away from the usual radius, so we needed to time to reach there. We rode to there before the appointed time. It was a quaint Italian joint placed opposite a five-star hotel! The Italian joint did well without doubt as even the richest visited them. This place was not new to us, but we were not regulars simply because of the distance. We were ready for our 3-course meal. We began with bruschetta, continued to a mushroom risotto and penne pasta and ended with our favourite dessert, tiramisu. The thought of the food still reminds me of those tastes !

Then, we were off to the art museum nearby. I was never good at appreciating but Sofia had an eye for them. Sofia took so long at each painting, that by the time she finished the museum once, I was done with it five times over! Well, that’s life.

We then left to another dose of coffee but pastries this time. We were at the most renowned and oldest bakery in the city. We sipped our coffees and tried all the pastries yet again! We enjoyed each one of them and could never choose one as our favourite. Then, we walked around the beach for some time and I left her at the bus stop.

That was a day of food, conversations, laughter, art and pure innocent fun! Sometimes, I wish I could be as innocent and believe every word. But I guess as they say, “Once bitten, twice shy!”


I love food but describing what characters had for a single day was difficult but an experience. Here’s my entry for the second day to  Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 .

Write Tribe

19 thoughts on “Foodies that we were

  1. Now Italian is a fav of mine.. when I know what’s written on the menu card.. it just sounded like yesterday, may be you could combine it with my food post, .. for the visual appeal 🙂 next time round, may be u write, I do the pics.. and combine it as the festival of words what say Aps 😛

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