Sofia – A memory

A memory – that is all that remained of the love that we shared and vowed as forever in those days. Today, as we are married but not to each other, I recall fondly those days and share our story in bits and pieces to the world. You may never forgive me for sharing it like this but I need to. I need to let the world know how much I loved you and wanted you as my life-partner. It is very unfortunate that our families thought otherwise but I would have waited and fought if you had felt the same!

Do you remember the first day we met? I do..I remember being mesmerized by your gorgeousness as you entered the college gates. I remember the white shirt that you had paired with your blue denim. You didn’t see me as you fought with the hair that was blowing on to your face. In short, you looked beautiful and my friends teased me from all around as I stood in a trance just admiring you! I heard nothing and saw nothing until you walked to me, and asked , “Do you know where the principal’s office is?”

I remember pointing you in the direction and Β then have memories of following you to find more about you – everything about you! I wanted to know your likes and dislikes and I found out more and more from all the sources possible. Until, I found the courage to ask you your name…How naive you thought as you heard from many that I have asked about you! The truth was I knew your name Sofia..I just wanted to hear it from you!

So over the next few days I shall recall the memories for one last time…just to share it to the world..No this is no revenge or anger but just a love story that should be shared. And a proof of love stories that do not last forever!


After loads and loads of contemplation whether I should take part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -2 , here is my entry for the first day … “Sofia – A memory”.

Write Tribe

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