Maya, the Deltiologist.

It was one early morning, a father woke up his daughter to say goodbye as he left for his next expedition. The father was an explorer. The sleepy daughter protested, “Won’t you miss me?”

“Of course I do!”

“How do I know that you do?”

The father suddenly realised that his daughter has grown much more than he realised. So he promised,”Well, this time, to every place I visit, I shall send you something as a  reminder to how much I miss you, ok?”

The daughter smiled and drifted back to sleep.

And so Maya received a postcard. It was the first mail that arrived in her name. She was so happy that she was running wild and screaming. Her father then sent her one for every month that he was not at home. And as she grew, she began to wait for father’s expeditions.

Maya with her mother’s help created a keepsake that contained a log along with the  postcard she lovingly received. It soon became a hobby for mother and daughter. They kept a very tidy collection and added dates cut from a calendar to show the date they received each one.

The keepsake soon became a treasure that was shown to all who came and was highly praised too!

Little did the seven year old know that one day she will grow to become a famous deltiologist as her father always kept a coin or two to fulfil his responsibility. Maya’s keepsake grew and the hobby grew so big, that by the time she was twenty, she was invited to exhibit it and talk about it. In all her talks, she never missed thanking her parents – her father for sending the majority of the postcards in her collection and her mother for teaching her how to care for them…


This is a post written for Write Tribe Contest #1.

Write Tribe

Creating a story using 7 random words can seem tough but it was a great pleasure! Thank you Corrine.


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