What happened?


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The sun was shining brightly through the windows. My wife was awake and eager as always to begin her day. However, I was never a morning person and that day it was just worse. I had very little sleep and my head was throbbing on one side. I only wanted to shield my eyes from the light. I had felt an attack of migraine coming last night as we fought till late. I even took a precautionary painkiller but nothing helped.

So, I sat on bed with closed eyes holding my pulsating head. My cheery wife saw me and immediately drew the curtains – even the thick ones which are drawn rarely. She came to my side and whispered, “It’s okay, I have drawn the curtains.”

I loved her. She was always at my side when I got an attack irrespective of the day before. She was the one who made the rule that we never sleep angry and I am glad she did!

I opened my eyes as she soothingly caressed my forehead. I smiled weakly and nodded at her when she asked, “Shall I call work and say that you are unwell?”

She was dialing when I touched her. She disconnected and looked up at me.

I said, ” I ย cannot miss work today. We have a big client meeting in the afternoon and I am to be presenting.”

I had no idea how I was going to do it. She probably knew how important it was for me as she dialed my friend and told that he was to pick me up. After the call, she told me to lie for an hour more and got the migraine pill.

An hour and half later…

Fresher and just a nag of headache, I was ready to go. My wife had packed all my stuff. She kissed me farewell as my friend honked.

I presented well during the meeting but had a migraine attack threatening to return all the while. Soon after the clients left, I was at my desk nauseated and irritated with the light when the phone rang.

The day wasn’t getting any easier. It was from home as expected but not my wife. It was my sister-in-law who was there for a visit informing me that my wife had fallen unconscious and I should return home as soon as possible.

My friend felt the urgency in the conversation and had kindly informed our boss of us leaving early.

I ran into the house screaming, “What happened?”

My friend ran in as well to hear thankfully extremely good news. I was to be a father soon.


This is my submission for InMon and WriteTribeWednesday prompt #6.


10 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Fantastic piece! Had me freaking out there a little; you introduced the wife as such a quality person. Well done!

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