Deafening …

She was alone in a large house with loads of sunshine and wind to play with but that is all that was left after the Tsunami that washed her parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings away…

All alone…why? What am I to do with this huge palatial home right on the beach that now only gives me sadness!! Why did I leave the house the day when everyone was taken away? Why did I choose that day to stay with a friend in an interior village where no water would touch me???

“Silence!!”, she screamed out loud…Though there was only silence around…her head voices would not stop and she cried in vain to stop them!

Her friends came around two days later to find her starved and devastated in her own tears. They helped her up and got her to eat . They gave her company, they spoke of the good old days when no worries touched them but only to find her aloof and not participating in any conversation! They shook her and tried to get her to speak, but all she could do was cry…or not even that…as she had no more tears left…the silence in the house and her life had suddenly made her deaf and mute!

This was a post inspired by the InMon tag “Deafening” that was given on 27th Feb…but I was late….but they say “Better late than never”.


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