Aurelia – Part 12

Aaron, Aurelia and Amber then went to the cafe opposite the road.

The cafe was filled with relatives of patients who needed to get away from the hospital. It was a warm, cosy but spacious place. It had beautiful pastel blue coloured walls with small square tables that were covered with same coloured sheets with white polka dots. The owners had always ensured that the place always smelled the best and not of medicines and antiseptics.

They sat at a corner of the restaurant. Aaron hoped to shake Aurelia, make her tell her feelings and hopefully get some tears. He was very sure that if she doesn’t it is not going to be good . They waited in silence till the coffee arrived. Amber was getting restless and kept shifting in the chair and looking between Aurelia and Aaron.

As the amazing aroma of coffee filled the table, Aaron broke the silence, “Aur, are you alright?” Aur, is the nick name that only he had permission to use. He hoped that call would at least shift her balance and let her feelings out but all in vain. She just nodded and stared blankly.

There was another fifteen minutes of silence. Aaron’s head had started pounding with thoughts of how to shake his dear Aur out of the state that she was in. Amber just sat uncomfortably restless and Aurelia…

They finished their coffees and Aaron was paying the bill when his phone rang. The news that Aurelia was expecting and Amber was dreading came.

Aurelia’s dad had given up and passed away.


I hope you all understand my difficulty in writing these parts and hence forgive me for the delay…Sorry …I hope none of my readers lose interest and keep coming to read my story and encourage me as always.. 🙂


One thought on “Aurelia – Part 12

  1. Waited for sooo long for this post. Finally here.,

    As always, excellent post. Aurelia is still in her denial stage. She will soon come out of it. Sorry for her.

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