Aurelia – Part 10

Sorry I am still in the past …

A few minutes later, she walked to the inspector and asked, “How is my father? Will I be able to see him?”

“Aurelia, he is very serious and I am afraid you will be able to see him only from outside.”, Inspector Richard replied truthfully.

“That’s ok sir, I understand that. I would still like to see him.”

So, they all walked to the neuro-intensive care. Aurelia saw her father and very soon his lips moving….She read his lips and realised that he was still calling her name and saying sorry…at that point, she pushed the door to the room but fainted. Aaron just managed to hold her in time.

Aaron’s father went to call a doctor while Aaron carried her to the room nearby that he was directed to by the nurse who saw her fainting. While Aaron put her down, he said, “She is having fever…”

The doctor came in to look at her and said, “She looks very pale…Does anybody know if she has had any food or water after she heard the news?”

Amber immediately took a step forward and said, “She hasn’t had anything since,”..looking at her watch “five in the evening.”

Doctor immediately realised that she was dehydrated and needed some glucose. He looked at the nurse who was taking her temperature and blood pressure. The nurse said, “Doctor, her temperature is very high and her blood pressure is very low.”

“Arrange for a drip immediately!”

It was past midnight, Amber felt herself tiring out and sat down in a chair nearby. She was tired from the past evening’s events…all she wanted now was to believe that she is sleeping and having a nightmare…


2 thoughts on “Aurelia – Part 10

  1. Hey! Thanks for planning to write a chapter a week. This will make your readers very happy.

    As usual, super post. I think Aurelia is coming out of her “state of denial”. And poor girl, Amber, is also exhausted. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

  2. Good going with the story, although the happenings are sad. Lots of thoughts go through my mind at the moment about this story. Will wait to confirm. Once again, thank your for the reminders.

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