Aurelia – Part 9

It was raining heavily as Aaron drove into the hospital ground. When the car was parked, Amber had to scream and pull Aurelia out of the car…but as the rain fell on Aurelia’s face, she slowly gained her senses and looked around.

The three were soaking wet as they reached the hospital reception and were given quite a few disapproving glares from the people around and the hospital workers. Aurelia noticed the glares and realised that she was dressed for a party and not for the hospital.

She frantically looked at Amber and whispered, “Amber, I can’t meet anyone in the hospital in this dress…please tell me you were conscious enough to get me a spare set of clothes.”

Amber was amazed at Aurelia and wondered whether her best friend had completely lost her senses. “Why is she thinking of what she is wearing more than about her parents? “, with these thoughts in her mind, squeezed Aurelia’s hands.

The nurses at the reception led them first to a room and gave them some clothes to change into. One of them said, “Do your enquiries later. If you stay wet in the clothes any longer you will catch the nastiest of infections in the hospital.”

They did as they were told. By the time, they had all changed into dry clothes, Inspector Richard came looking for them.

Inspector Richard, a tall handsome well-built guy, sadly looked at Aurelia who he recognised from the photo in her father’s wallet. Aurelia looks amazingly composed, he thought. “Aurelia, I hope you know what happened.”, he added to confirm that she did.

She just nodded and said, “May I please see my mother?”

Amber and Aaron were astonished at her question and how well she was handling the situation.

“Yes, I shall take you to her. I am very sorry for you.”, said Inspector Richard leading her.

Just as they left the room, Aaron’s mobile rang. Aaron’s & Amber’s parents reached and were enquiring where they were. Aaron went to find them at the reception while, Amber & Aurelia followed the inspector.

Aurelia showed no sign of sorrow or breakdown but walked on as if she was going to meet her mother at her friend’s place. Amber on the other hand was sad, worried and at the edge of a breakdown.

Inspector Richard showed Aurelia, her mother. Aurelia gave her mother a light kiss on her cold forehead. She stared on at her mother for a minute more.

She then turned slowly to see that Amber was sobbing on her mother’s shoulder.

Amber’s mother held her hands out for Aurelia. Aurelia walked and took her hand. However, she still remained as composed as before…there was not a hint of sadness on her face. She looked serious and thoughtful.

Aaron’s father  and Aaron were speaking to the inspector about the formalities and her father’s state outside the room.



3 thoughts on “Aurelia – Part 9

  1. As always, kept your readers on the edge. Super. Inspector Richard, Amber, and Aaron were thinking “she was amazingly composed” and “how well she was handling the situation”. It is not the case. The shocking news has not yet registered in Aurelia’s brain. As professional psychologists would say “she is in a state of denial”.

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