Aurelia – Part 7

This part is too difficult to write….and hence has been delayed for so long….How do I get myself to say what I want to say and make sure my dear readers do not hate me…dears…it is just a story….Don’t hate me please…

Extremely irritated with Aaron, she returned home earlier than usual. All she thought was “Why is Aaron being so stubborn & difficult …Why wouldn’t he understand that no one is bigger than my parents for me…After all, they are the reason that I am here today…

Aurelia’s mother opened the door as she was about to ring the bell. She hugged her and said,”Happy Birthday Aurelia…you are home early today..but we are glad that you returned early.” and led her to the living room where her father was waiting for her.

Her father, a loving but strict man, smiled, shook her hands and wished her. Both her parents then gave her a beautiful jewellery set and a watch. Her father also said, “Aurelia, I am sure you would want to have a party with your friends today. We give you full permission to do the same, as long as you are back before midnight.”

She was expressionless, she had just fought with her boyfriend saying that she wanted to be with her parents…and here her parents were ready to send her to have fun with her friends. The face agitated her parents…”why is she not happy?” After a long minute of silence she sighed and said, “But Dad, Mum …I want to be with you both today not with my friends..You both are the reason I am here, not my friends!”

It was now her parents who became expressionless. On one hand they wanted to smile, hug their daughter for the mature and sensitive statement but on the other hand they knew they had a social commitment. They stared blankly at her till Aurelia noticed that her parents were dressed and, sadly queried, “Are you both going somewhere for the night?”

Both her parents nodded and her father added, “Yes dear, we have a wedding reception to attend”.

Aurelia’s temper rose, and she screamt, “Today is my day and you both had promised to be with me!”

“Aurelia, watch your tone! Your tantrums are not going to stop us from going. We told you that you can be with your friends, if you don’t want to , stay home alone but we are going!” , was her father’s stern reply.

That reply didn’t stop Aurelia from fighting with her parents. But the fight ended soon as her parents just walked out leaving her to cry.


6 thoughts on “Aurelia – Part 7

  1. Touching episode. Very well written. Did the parents promise Aurelia (earlier) that they will be with her on her birthday? If that is correct, the parents did a terrible thing to Aurelia. Everyone has to keep his/her word unless there is some extreme emergency situation occurs. On the other hand, if Aurelia arbitrarily asked her parents to be with her (and not go to the wedding receiption) then she is not right.

    Looks like the parents had promised earlier. Otherwise, Aurelia would not have said “Today is my day and you both had promised to be with me!”.

    Eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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