Aurelia – Part 6

20 years ago –

Aurelia had turned seventeen that day. Her boyfriend, Aaron had organized a birthday party to  begin at 8pm at a  discotheque. That morning, he gave a birthday card and bouquet of red roses, and ..

“Happy Birthday Dear..”

“Thank you..”, and they hugged .

Aaron then looked at her and teasingly, “Big girl, I have arranged a party at the discotheque tonight at 8pm to celebrate your birthday…”

Aurelia, pushes him and replied, “Aaron, I hope you are joking…you know my parents don’t like me out in the night!”

“No I am not joking…tell your parents that you are going to Amber’s house and I shall pick you up from there..”

With sad eyes,  “I am sorry Aaron, I cannot do that..”

“Come on …you cannot spoil your day because of some stupid rules that your parents imposed on you…”

“They are not stupid rules, and I don’t think I will be spoiling my day if I return to my loving parents…”

People were beginning to gather but neither of them noticed as their tempers were rising. The break point came when Aaron spoke too fast and insulted her parents…

That was the beginning of the end of her first love.


5 thoughts on “Aurelia – Part 6

  1. Yes, this part is after a long gap. I was wondering when this would be published. I think this is only a pure fiction. Still, I would say the behavior of Aaron is to be regretted. In my books, hey, if a girl says “no” it is a “no”. If Aurelia agreed to go to the disco, then that is a different matter.

  2. good for her.. she doesnt deserve to be with a guy who doesnt respect her parents. so wot happened to the parents tht nite makes up part-7 eh?

  3. Apologies…I just totally forgot about this story until I heard the name Aureen recently. That reminded me of Aurelia and have been meaning to find out if you did find time amidst your PhD to continue the story here. You seem to be giving us your story like prasadam in temple – little at a time :-). No worries…So waiting once again.

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