Aurelia – Part 4

Amber rang the bell thrice. As no one answered, she knocked on the door.

Ten minutes later, just as Amber turned to leave, Aurelia came running and opened the majestic front door of her house. Amber is Aurelia’s best friend…she has known Aurelia from childhood…they went to school together and have been friends for so long that they feel like twin sisters that were separated during birth…or atleast like to imagine so..

Amber is a completely opposite to Aurelia and more like Ariana..she loved parties and could never give up on trying to get Aurelia to join…this day, she was at it again…

“Hi..where were you? I have been ringing the bell for like fifteen minutes” , said Amber darting sharp looks at Aurelia who was still recovering from the pant.

“Sorry, I had music on my heaphones and knew no idea of the surroundings”, as soon as she recovered her breath and led Amber into the hall…

“So you were listening to your usual classical crap, I guess?”, now gazing supiciously from head to toe at her friend.

“Hey..don’t call it crap..what you listen to is crap..I mean it is just an insult to music to call it music…of course as the name says it all ‘heavy metal’..that’s exactly what it sound like metals hitting each other!!”, smiling…

Yes, you thought right..this is exaclty what they fight on most often…and the rest of the conversation is the second most hot topic..

“Ok..let’s not fight again on like yours and I like mine…but tell me why are you still not dressed?”

“Dressed?”, Aurelia queried back, thinking what she needed to be dressed for, confused…

“Aurelia, please tell me that you are coming to the disco today with me for a change like you promised and not moping in the house today!”, was the stern reply…

With pleading eyes, Aurelia replied,  “Amby…I never promised. You know I don’t like being out late and in a disco with that loud music…oh my head would break…”


8 thoughts on “Aurelia – Part 4

  1. Hello Aparna
    Yes, a newcomer here. I found your link through a friend of mine who visits here too! Firstly, it seems like a nice introduction to the three characters Aurelia, Ariana and Amber. I love the name Ariana. Like somebody who had commented here, I too feel that you could be saying your story through Aurelia :-). Or a multiple personality character and that reminds me of a book that I read sometime back. Whatever it maybe, it does sound interesting and so please keep going. A month for each part to come??

    1. Welcome knot2share,

      Thank you. I shall try to decrease the time between the parts but presently writing a story between my PhD related work is becoming almost impossible… Please do drop by and check for updates. I also write another blog about general stuff which is updated more often (but that is also taking a back seat with PhD stress increasing)…the blog address for that blog is “” …as you can see …I didn’t get too creative with my titles 🙂

      1. Hello Aparna
        Please don’t feel pressured! I was just joking. PhD ofcourse is going to take your time. Good luck with that too. I will surely keep checking for updates here. When you do find more than plenty of time in hand, just have a peek into my world too. I also have not become that creative with it, but then it’s my humble attempt. It is titled Meri Duniya at
        Will be glad to hear what you think.

        Thx and take care.

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