Aurelia – Part 3

Aurelia lives in a beautiful independent house with a lush green garden and pretty flowers that her gardener tended to with love and care every day. Her parents had bought the house just a few months before she was born and so that is the only house she knows.

She has nostalgic memories of playing “catch-catch” with her childhood friends in the garden, spending time on the grass chit-chatting with her college-mates and now, she looks at it just a place to connect with nature and her mother….to remember the times she has had the delicious meals made lovingly by her mother as a picnic in the garden…But now…that is all that is left…memories that haunt her and call out to her.

Her room has been decorated and re-decorated several times…it began as a nursery / playroom for her…it was where there were loads of space to keep her toys and sit and play. As she grew older and grew out of her toys…it was redone to accomodate her books, study-table & a bed…well the room was extended to include the room next to her “nursery”…Aurelia recollects that it took the architects about two months to get her room re-done and she had to spend the time in the guest room till then…She had sworn the next re-decoration will be done by herself…and she did…The next time, her room was re-decorated, she did it from the beginning to the end…she chose the bed and assembled it…she chose the paints & painted…yes…she is very talented and extremely independent…(Her independence was always a hindrance in the two relationships she has had till now)… Her room now contains a double bed, a mirrored wardrobe covering one of the side walls, a study table with her laptop and a bookshelf on top of it….

She has also managed to convert the previous guest room (her temporary room) to a beautiful airy library / home-theatre / art room…she loves that place…she spends most of her time there…


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