Two siblings encounter the supermoon

“Manju! Manju!”, he screamed.

Manju wondering where the fire was ran to the balcony. Her little brother was pointing excitedly to the sky.

Manju and her brother had a bedtime routine of looking at the night sky – the moon and the stars, making up their own little stories before going to bed. Probably a routine that came as an effect of having an astronomer as a father and a children’s author as a mother.

Today, the moon was huge and beautiful to look at. They knew that the moon changes in size but they have never seen it so huge! It was such a wonderful sight!

“Manju, we need to make up a nice story to mark this sight…”

“Yes but where is dad? I want to know why it is so big?”

“Oh come on Manju we can find that out later..think of a story…”

“I wonder if Amma know any story for such a big moon…Amma!”

Their mother saw and had heard their delight said, “I want to hear your story….”

“Manju, it is your turn to tell a story…”

The siblings have been taking turns to spun stories ever since the little one could form sentences.

“Hmm..yes…but it is so mesmerising I just want to stare for a bit..may I please?”

“ have five minutes, I shall go brush and change in to my pyjamas by that time..”, cooed the brother and ran away.

The sister and mother just stared silently at the exquisiteness…


…To be continued


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Relaxed with a Sunset…

wp-1467995454590 It was a long rainy day. The amount of work that needed to be done was abundant. The rain was only making everything worse. Getting to places was difficult and the rain made everyone sleepy and lazy!!

Anyways, the work got done as we all began early. It was dusk by the time, she got out of the office. Her mind was racing with the day’s events and planning the next day.

The sun was setting. She stopped her car in front of her house.  She was trying to calm down before she got out. She knew her dear baby would be wanting her attention the minute she entered.

She suddenly looked in to the side view mirror and saw a beautiful sunset between the dark clouds. The exquisiteness of the sight made her smile and relaxed all her senses immediately. She could not help take out her phone and capture the beauty!!

The photo was taken by my nephew, Deepankhar. Check out his blog at  His photo prompted the story…

The woes hidden behind a smile!

“Pom! Pom!”
The fruit seller honked.
Every week, with a smile.
He sold seasonal fruits
In a few neighbourhoods
For his livelihood.

The smile
Never changed
And it brought a smile
To all who bought from him

However, they say
It was a trained smile.
A smile
That hid a lot
Of his own woes!

I once asked him,
Whether he would share
His life with me
And he refused!
But that day I saw
The tears hidden in his eyes.

But I smiled
And let him be
As he had decided to
Share his smile with all!


Written in response to the prompt on 100 Words on Saturday on WriteTribe.

Glass Rocket

A lady, her mother and son lived in an old dilapidated mansion by the river. The mother and daughter do their best to meet ends and keep the mansion standing. The mansion is the only asset they have left. 

The daughter at a much younger age, had begun a collection of glass figurines. She treasured those. Most of her collection was either gifted to her by her father or her husband. Both, knowing her love had painstakingly found the most interesting figurines to add to her collection. A horse, a unicorn and a doll were all part of the well-laid shelf that was shining in the sunlight.

Today, as she was cleaning them, her 10 year old son came and said lovingly, “Mother, when I grow old and earn a lot of money, I will buy you a glass rocket!”

She smiled and said, “Thank you my dear. Hope I live to see that beautiful rocket!”


Years passed, her mother also left them. The house had to be sold for her son to complete his education. They shifted to a much smaller place. She had diligently packed and shifted her biggest treasure by herself. 

Her son grew and began earning. He soon got married. He had forgotten about his promise on the glass rocket.

It was a cold winter day, his mother had been ill for almost a month now. He went to her room and found her near the shelves taking each of the figurines and kissing them. 

He slowly tapped on her shoulder and told her that she needed rest.

The mother turned and gave a weak smile. “My dear son, you have been so loving and kind, may I ask one last wish?”

“Yes mother, of course! What do you want?”

“I yearn to see the glass rocket…”

The son ashamed that he had forgotten that promise said, “Oh sorry my dear mother. I shall get it tomorrow itself!”

Early next morning, the son and his son set off to buy the glass rocket. They searched in vain in all the shops that were open in-spite of the heavy snowfall. It was late night, by the time they reached home. They had to go to a city nearby to find it. 

When they reached, the place was crowded as the mother had passed away without seeing the glass rocket. The grandson teary eyed had kept the glass rocket in his grandmother’s cold hands before the casket was closed. He said, “Granny, hope this glass rocket takes you places!”


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Breaking News…

It has been four months since they have had a proper conversation. There has always been something more important. She wanted to find the right time and place to break the news. But days passed with little time to spare.

He knew something was there but just couldn’t figure out what. To get something out of her requires time and oodles of patience. Exactly what he was lacking presently.

It was early morning, around 6am. She got up to begin her day but felt sick. She wasn’t feeling chirpy or joyful but nauseated. She returned to bed after washing her face and slowly nudged him awake as she realised that she could no longer hide the truth. ‘Dear…’

He rubbed his eyes open as her calls sounded troubled.

‘I need to tell you something!’

‘Does it have to be now?’ almost angry.

‘Yes…’ she said and ran in to the bathroom again.

He went after her to check if everything was alright..but there she was bent over the sink. Extremely concerned and now more alert, he was rubbing her back. He helped her back to the bed and made her lie down.

‘Dear ..’ she called as he got up.

‘Yes darling. I know you want to say something. But I think you should rest right now…’

She smiled at him and said, ‘Darling, this is just morning sickness…’

‘Morning sickness? You mean …’ and his smile broadened from one ear to the other.

‘Yes..that’s what I wanted to tell you.’


This is a pure fictional piece inspired by the 100 Words on Saturday prompt on WriteTribe. I couldn’t stop at 100 words, so went a tad overboard. 🙂


Uncle and the key.

He was wandering the streets looking worse than a lost puppy. He seemed worried. The traffic cursed at him while he crossed the road oblivious to the signal.

She was waiting in a car for her husband who had gone to the store to get some things. They had planned a romantic evening after a very long time. She noticed the old man who was lost, pale and oblivious to his surroundings. She refused to blink her eyes when she saw him cross the road. Then, she got out of the driver’s seat with her mobile in hand. A quick dial to call her husband to help. She had seen these symptoms too many times.

‘Hi darling, I will be there in a minute. Just a few more …’

She interjected, ‘Dear..forget the stuff. Come out immediately. We have some work to do.’

Surprised and worried her husband left the trolley of stuff on one side and ran out. She was not in the car. Dialed her number while looking for her but before it connected found her running towards an older man. With a face of enquiry mixed with worry, he ran quickly towards them. Before he could reach, he too saw and understood the symptoms of the old man.

‘Uncle, do you know where your house is?’

‘Yes, I stay in that building, pointing to the one straight ahead.’

‘Are you sure?’

A nod and she continued, ‘Please do let us drop you. You look tired and as we both are doctors we would like to reach you safely to your house.’

Her husband saw the tears welling up in her eyes as she held the old man’s right hand trying to lead him. She quickly passed the car keys to her husband. Holding the uncle’s hand tightly like a mother who fears losing her child in the crowd. They drove to the building that he had pointed. As they reached, they kept exchanging glances through the mirror giving each other strength in ways unknown.

The security of the building recognised the uncle and saluted. Some hope returning, the couple smiled. They took the lift, as he said he stays on the fifth floor. But as they got of the lift, uncle seemed confused and lost again. He took out his and was going to use it in the keyhole of the house right in front of the lift.


‘Grandpa, not again. That’s the wrong house. This is our home.’ A girl about ten years of age, ran and held his hand and steered him to the correct house. The girl noticed the two strangers accompanying her grandfather, and to them, she jovially said, ‘You must have helped my grandfather to find the house. Thank you so much. Won’t you all come in for cup of coffee. My grandmother makes the best coffee in the world.’

‘Sure, aren’t your parents in? We would like to meet them too.’ said the husband.

Looking at her watch, she added, ‘Dad should be home any time.’

And after a pause, she added with sadness, ‘my mother left us when I was born.’

The house seemed well-kept. The situation was well understood by the two doctors. But the urgency couldn’t be forgotten. She had just lost her father to an accident owing to the disease and couldn’t let that happen again to anyone.

The little girl’s father returned just in time for the coffee. They introduced themselves. While sipping their coffee in lower tones

the husband spoke to the father about the incident. The man’s eyes were welling with tears as he looked between his parents, little girl and the doctor. After some silence, he said, ‘I shall bring him tomorrow. I lost my uncle to Alzheimer’s disease and want to make sure my dad is safe.’

The couple soon left. However, their mood was altered. The girl had taken her heart but there was no more a mood to have a special evening….


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A prodigy in a sweetshop


I was in crowded sweet shop when I heard , ‘dum, dum …dumadum’.

This is repeated in variations and speeds adding a beat to each customer’s choice. I kept turning around looking for the source?

As I stepped out, I noticed a toddler dressed in a multicoloured outfit playing on the steel bin adding the beats to the chaos within. He was generally having fun in his world of beats!

A prodigy unknown to the world as yet was making a mark in the world of music because of the rhythm in his heart…


This is my entry for the 100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 3 at WriteTribe.